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Julian roberts

leadership coach

Julian Roberts is an Executive and Leadership Coach with a background in commercial & sales, Julian has a passion for food, business and people. He has held several senior strategic commercial positions from global multinational corporations including Heinz, Yoplait and Johnson & Johnson to family run businesses and managed global brands to specialist/licensed brands. After 20 years of success in the business world, he realised he valued watching one of his direct reports win, more than winning business himself. His core driver was and has been the desire to unlock another’s potential. Why? He loves working with people and watching them achieve what they can’t yet see but deep down really want. So, in 2018, he pivoted into Executive Leadership Coaching to formally learn techniques he could use to replicate for others what he was already doing. As a result, his self-awareness increased. He realised, too, he had limiting beliefs to address. When he finished with the process, his clarity, his purpose, and path were clear. He has a real passion for senior and emerging leaders in organisations.

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Jane Allan


Jane is an East Sussex photographer specialising in photographing women (www.janeallanphotography.com). Her goal with every photoshoot is to empower women with body confidence by showing them their beauty, strength and resilience so that they can see themselves though the eyes of someone who loves them. She’s been a professional photographer for over twenty years and a photography educator for the last four. She founded The Lens Lounge (www.thelenslounge.com), an online learning platform for beginner to advanced photographers, sharing everything she knows about creating beautiful imagery of our life, loves and adventures.

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