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From a young age I have been absolutely sport obsessed. My parents used to cart me all over the South of England to various competitions and training. When they couldn’t, my grandma would. My family have always been there to help me achieve all that I’ve wanted to.

With this challenge it’s been no different.

When I first got the message asking me if I’d be interested in joining the crew for this World Record attempt, I phoned my parents straight away. They were in complete agreement with me: this is a once in a lifetime opportunity - go for it! Logistics can be worked out together later.

Throughout the journey so far, my family have been very supportive. They’ve been there as a sounding board for any problems I wanted to talk through, spread the word among their friends and actively sought sponsorship opportunities for us too. My grandma was our first sponsor and with her generosity we are able to but a week’s worth of rations for us all!

Friends and family have always supported my sporting endeavors

My lovely friends have also been spreading the word. Old school friends have been writing newspaper articles and using their connections to seek sponsorship whilst a family friend published a lovely poem for us which I shall leave at the bottom of this page.

I have recently joined a new rowing club, Southampton Coalporters RC, who have been very welcoming and helped me to raise the profile of this challenge within their rowing circles. Through them I was able to arrange our first publicity event at the South Coast Rowing Championships in Netley (September 18th) which was a huge success and meant so many of my rowing friends from all parts of the South Coast could see our boat and really understand what I’ve signed myself up for!

I don’t think I ever considered how interesting this challenge is until talking to friends and family. Everyone is so intrigued by what we are doing; the logistics, weather conditions, the mental and physical battles. But most importantly, ‘how do you go to the toilet?’. The response ‘in a bucket’ often elicits a shocked response and funnily is what confirmed to me that this challenge really is something so far from normal life that it is quite amazing.

I’ll end this blog by saying to all those people who said they’ll buy me a drink on completion, I’m expecting you in London ready to hand them to me as soon as we pass under Tower Bridge! I’m holding you guys to that!

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