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Dr Fay Couceiro


"There is currently no complete map for the UK concentrations of microplastics in the coastal waters.  The closest map comes from Cefas, but is incomplete and does not show how concentrations change over time.

Data collected during the annual GB Row Challenge will significantly improve our understanding of the changing numbers of microplastics in our waters."

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In partnership with the University of Portsmouth, GB Row will undertake a detailed survey of pollution around Great Britain’s waters


Throughout the 3,500km race, samples of microplastics, environmental DNA (eDNA), temperature, noise and salinity will be gathered by rowers with a range of sensors and equipment attached to their vessels.

Researchers from the University of Portsmouth will then analyse the samples.


As the race progresses, a map of microplastic and noise pollution around the UK will be developed for the very first time.

The research will run for four years, starting in 2022, so we’ll be able to compare the data each year to track any trends or changes.


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