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2000 Nautical Miles Lie Between These Ladies and a Brand New World Record

The first ‘GB Row Challenge’ took place in 2005, when a four-man team, headed by former British Army Captain William de Laszlo, set a World Record in 26 days, 21 hours and 14 minutes for unaided rowing around Great Britain. To date, only one female crew, with four members, has completed this challenge.

The race has never been attempted by a female team of six.

The Race Course

The race starts and finishes at London Tower Bridge. After setting off, the crew will row down the River Thames, into the Thames Estuary and out into the North Sea. From there, they will head south to take a clockwise direction around Great Britain, before returning up the Thames to Tower Bridge for the race finish.



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Training Courses

The crew will complete a number of training courses prior to starting the race.


These include Survival At Sea, First Aid At Sea, Competent Crew, Day Skipper and Coastal Skipper. The team will also complete VHF radio training.

These courses will enable the crew to safely navigate their way around the British coastline, taking into consideration the changing tidal currents and often variable British weather.


An Endurance Event Like No Other, for Mind and Body

The crew will row three at a time, 2 hours on and 2 hours off all the time the weather conditions and tidal currents permit.

They will encounter a variety of weather conditions including strong winds and stormy seas. There are notorious whirlpools around Scotland too.

They will also battle physical and mental exhaustion, salt sores, busy shipping lanes and physical exposure to sun, rain and wind. There will also be some beautiful calm seas – the ladies hope!

Food Water and Power

All power is generated from solar panels located on the cabins. These will need to be cleaned regularly to prevent salt build up.

The deslainator produces approximately 25 liters of drinking water, from sea water, per hour. There is a back-up hand operated pump if needed.


The boat has two Jetboil stoves, one in each cabin. There are no other means of cooking on board, so hot meals will mainly consist of dehydrated rations, consumed with a Spork, directly from a foil pouch.


The crew will need a very high daily calorie intake to create the energy required for the demanding physical aspect of the challenge. Possibly as much as 6000 calories!


Bathroom facilities consist of a bucket and the ladies will need to get used to using this is in choppy conditions. Thankfully, the waterproof trousers are fitted with a bottom flap for ease and minimal exposure!

Route and Communications

The team will plot their route on a built in GPS system as well as paper charts in case the GPS should fail. A total of 28 charts are needed to cover the entire GB coastline.

The team will use their satellite phone to communicate with their onshore support team who will provide daily weather updates.

In case of an emergency, the team have an ‘emergency position-indicating radio beacon’ (EPIRB), which is a portable battery powered radio transmitter.

Skipper of All Systems Row had made it mandatory to each have a Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) on your person, when on the oars. The PLB's are activated with water, in the case of a woman over board, to alert emergency services and regularly update location.

The crew are trained in Sea Survival and the boat has a life raft, though the team certainly hope it won’t be needed!

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All Systems Row Will be the First Crew of 6 Ladies to Ever Make it to The Start Line 

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GB Row Challenge are providing ‘All Systems Row’ with a 10 meter long Rossiter 3 Ocean Rowing boat for the challenge. It is a brand new boat named Intrepid, although, we have nicknamed her 'Dot' as our navigator calls us, when tracking us from land!


There are three rowing positions on the boat and one small cabin each end.

There are deep storage compartments in the hull which will store our ration packs and supplies needed throughout the challenge.

There are two anchors and two drogues on board.

A deslainator and jet boil will be used daily for water and food.

All provisions and spares will be on board when the crew sets off from London Tower Bridge. Nothing can be taken on board the boat during the race, as that would disqualify the team from gaining the Guinness World Record for an unassisted circumnavigation of the island.

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